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Top 10 Best Restaurants in London

londonLondon is a fantastic city filled with an outstanding culture and history; however, even if you are just visiting or on vacation, you will want the full experience of British culture through London’s best restaurants.

  • 1. Hawksmoor Seven Dials: Although the restaurant can set you back an easy 100 Euros per head, they offer outstanding offers such as their two courses for 22 Euros and three courses for 2 Euros [allowing you to enjoy fine British cuisine at a great price]
  • 3. Hereford Road: Named after the street its located on, Hereford Road offers affordable and high quality food to all their customers. Chef Tom Pemberton even offers long-forgotten recipes and dishes to give his guests a fuller taste of British food and culture.
  • 3. Tramshed: On the easier side for your wallet, Tramshed provides a large open dining room with fresh fowl to compliment.
  • 4. Rochelle Canteen: With an open kitchen and resting upon old Victorian school grounds, the Rochelle Canteen provides rich and flavorsome dishes at affordable rates. With this restaurant, expect to meet local British artists and designers as it is a hot-spot for them!
  • 5. St. John: With a more laid back atmosphere since their beginnings in 1994, St. John offers high quality foods at quality prices and is a British hot-spot.
  • 6. Balthazar: Rated as one of the best Brasseries in London, Balthazar opened their doors in early 2013 with great anticipation and great food. Becoming one of the hottest destinations for London, this unique restaurant provides both United States and French interpretations.
  • 7. The Delauney: Voted as one of the best Brasseries and most expensive in London, The Delauney not only gives their guests an outstanding European Brasserie atmosphere, but also dishes from Germany, France, and Austria.
  • 8. The Wolsely: Popular for power breakfasts and even birthday celebrations, The Wolsely gives their guests with the traditional Brasserie atmosphere along with similar menu approaches as The Delauney.
  • 9. Arbutus: With more Modern European approaches to their dishes, this London hot-spot provides affordable prices with seasonal and high quality dishes.
  • 10. Launceston Place: For more modern British Food and as a hidden gem, this is a great hot-spot for new London residences or tourists.