The Royal Green Park Aug01


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The Royal Green Park

On the outskirts of London and filled with beauty and history, Green Park sits right next to the Buckingham Palace and encloses more than 47 acres of British flora and fauna. During spring, expect to see a field of over 250,000 daffodils blossom in full for a glorious few weeks. After this royal display, “flowers in the park are few and far between since there are no flowerbeds or shrubberies, following a tradition dating back to Queen Catherine.”

Around this royal and age-old park you will find many historical monuments such as the Canada Monument, the Canada Gate, and Gun Salutes. At two vital points surrounding the historical monuments and beautiful flora and fauna, expect to find refreshment points for you to continue your trip around Green Park. Outside of the flowers and the historical monuments, there are many other things to see in this historical park that will make your vacation or visit worth while.