The Largest Park in London: Richmond Park Aug09


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The Largest Park in London: Richmond Park

Richmond Park is not only an outstanding place to see extraordinary British wildlife but is also home to more than 250 acres of British history and culture. Originally a hunting park for dear,¬†Richmond Park¬†still is the home to over 300 Red and 350 Fallow dear that are worth seeing. Because of the park’s immense size, expect to see and visit numerous refreshment sites before and after visiting local restaurants in the area [one of which is located near the historical monuments of Pembroke Lodge & Gardens and King Henry's mound].

Richmond Park is not only a great place to visit because of wildlife and historical findings, but it is also a great place for children to play if you are on vacation or simply visiting. With vast open spaces to tire out your kids, you can expect to find playgrounds and even kiting spots for your children. Outside of fun for your children, Richmond Park is also home for anyone interested in horticulture [from the Isabella Plantation to the Pembroke Lodge & Gardens and even the Old Trees to the East]. Expect this park to fill your day with fun, relaxation, and interesting history.