Meet Hereford Road Chef: Tom Pemberton Mar09


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Meet Hereford Road Chef: Tom Pemberton

Once the Head Chef of St. John, Tom Pemberton leads Hereford Road with new menus on a daily basis. He leads his staff in a professional and friendly manner as he has them introduce his guests to the ever-changing menu. In his own words about the restaurant’s location, Pemberton states, “It seems to me the area lacks a strong neighbourhood restaurant. Our main priority is to provide genuinely high quality, interesting and affordable British food in a relaxed environment.” By offering a new restaurant in the area, Pemberton brings simple and yet innovative British cuisine to everyone’s plate.

When asked about his personal background before Hereford Road and his reasoning to become a chef, Pemberton answers the curious Londonist, “An interest in food and enjoyment of cooking, really. Before here I’ve worked at the Chelsea Arts Club, the Anglesea Arms, St John and St John Bread and Wine, amongst others.” With many years of experience working with food in maney restaurants around Britain, Pemberton is ready to provide all his customers with high quality food made from scratch with special uses of Offal as an ingredient.