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Balthazar Anticipated Restaurant London

With echoing the original Balthazar that calls New York City its Home, Balthazar in London became the most anticipated restaurant in 2013 with full booking weeks before their grand opening. Opened by Chef Keith McNally, Balthazar in London rests on the same road as The Royal Opera House and in the center of Covent Garden. Balthazar in London shares a French Brasserie inspired menu and “will include an abundance of fruits de mer as well as a wide selection of classical French brasserie and bistro dishes.”

Although some were skeptical about the hype surrounding Balthazar’s grand opening in London, many reviewers share that they had a fantastic visit to the restaurant. One reviewer, with the username of SusanSays_12, says, “Having been a little sceptical about the hype surrounding this restaurant, the total experience at Balthazar was superb from start to finish.” With this, other users have shared the same experience and have given great compliments to the atmosphere. ” The atmosphere in the restaurant was wonderfully buzzy, without being overly noisy,” says user Susansays_12.